With previous transformations, Cantieri Navali Caorle has been operating in the heart of the national sailing scene for over thirty years, mainly in the high Adriatic. Our establishment, which has become a well-known and prestigious ship yard over the course of time, is not just a simple ship yard, but also a true assistance centre capable of dealing with the many subjects related to the life of a boat, from outfitting to restoration.

Our customers’ needs have also changed besides the sudden structural/technological evolution of the boating world, and Cantieri Navali Caorle has successfully developed from a professional point of view becoming a real little industry in the specific sector of boat maintenance and restoration, preserving its craftsmanlike skill and care, as well as its courtesy towards customers.

Our working is based on the passion, motivation and perseverance of those, who always manage to give the best of themselves, convinced of what they produce and all of the boats that come out of our yard are cared for in the smallest detail. We have represented a well-known and prestigious reality in the sailing industry for several years now thanks to our competitive costs, because of the price-quality ratio, and we can claim particular specialisation in various essential activities for the maintenance of boats.