Maintenance Service

Boat maintenance
Cantieri Navali Caorle is the result of the synergy of various professionalisms that have joined forces and experience to offer users from the world of sailing a complete and professional service.

We have equipped laboratories for joinery and carpentry for wood and metal. There is also a large cabin for painting in general that covers about 300 square metres and which is fully equipped with a heating system and a suction system.

We have an equipped mechanical workshop that specialises in the construction of all kinds of manufactured stainless steel goods for all uses. There is also a mechanical workshop, which specialises in interventions on axle lines in general and in particular on propellers with a special balancer.

All of this for any kind of intervention, from simple boat maintenance to complete revisions. We also have all electronic equipment for the various diagnoses, which enable us to guarantee a range of professional and quality services such as:

– painting and re-painting
– complete varnishing of the boat
– polishing
– restoration of classical boats
– covers in solid teak
– careening
– anti-osmosis treatment/prevention
– winter laying up boats and engines
– fridge system maintenance
– installation/maintenance air conditioning systems, heating systems and desalinizers
– periodic maintenance for inflatable dinghies and extinguishers

As well as working on all marine engines on sale, our workshop is also authorised to sell and install marine engines and set up electrical, mechanical and hydraulic plant engineering.

We also specialise in fibreglass repairs and reconstructions and we can provide you with an electronic laboratory to install and repair all on-board electronic equipment.

Engine maintenance
In time Cantieri Navali Caorle has become an important reference point for setting up, implementing and realising ordinary and supplementary maintenance, which may prove necessary during the life of the boat or its components, including the assistance and revision of marine engines.

The engine workshop clearly represents an important part of our business. Our highly specialised and experienced staff trained exclusively in marine circles are constantly updated with courses, which are regularly attended at the offices of the Companies of the engines that we represent. This has enabled us to reach a high standard of quality and performance, which range from the supply and installation of engines and the relative plant engineering to pre-delivery, servicing, simple maintenance, repairs and total or partial revisions.

To prove its trustworthiness, Cantieri Navali Caorle is an authorised centre of assistance for the Mediterranean with the main engine names, and ship owners and the most expert and demanding sailors appreciate our work and have found the continuity of the sailor – yard relationship in Cantieri Navali Caorle for years.