Yachts Rebuilding

Cantieri Navali Caorle specialises in ordinary and supplementary maintenance for motor boats, sailing boats and work boats. At present it undertakes work in the sector of laying up and the recovery of craft thanks to its long experience in the nautical field, added to which there is its experience gained in all of the other sectors that is offered to its customers for interventions, even more radical ones of:

– rebuilding and restoration of all kinds of boats including classical boats
– ordinary and supplementary repairs and rebuilding of boats or parts of boats
– hull sand blasting and cleaning
– anti-osmosis treatment (guaranteed for periods)
– polishing and re-chroming of accessories and equipment
– fibre glassing

The yard’s staff are highly qualified and has modern equipment to guarantee a high level of technical assistance. Various work is carried out ranging from electric and electronic work to mechanical, water and hydraulic work, as well as fridges and upholstery.

Washing and laying up is carried out for sails and rigging for equipment..