Rigging sailing boats:

Quote: “Rigging is the art of using knots and ropes to move something and to stop it from moving” (B.Toss).

The art of rigging attempts to combine technological progress and human skill supported by a minimum number of instruments to enable enthusiasts to sail more efficiently, with the aid of fewer experts and with greater peace of mind.

Cantieri Navali Caorle is pleased to offer all “navigators” the experience it has acquired over the years from working on boats, from rigging and installation to preparing equipment, so that a boat can perform the task for which it was built. To do this we have the help of a vertical press of up to 40 tons, a compressed air and hydraulic press for rigging terminals, air riveters and a well-stocked storehouse.

With the utmost skill and professionalism, our staff are best able to perform the operations necessary for a boat to be able to take to sea, including the assembly and set up of the mast (we often use the term “rigging” in a wider sense to indicate the type of sailing equipment).

We also carry out maintenance on sails, such as repairs, alterations, washing and laying up. This important activity is made complete by our skilled sail-makers.