Laying Up Service

Laying up is one of our main activities. The boats are placed on land in a square or protected (normally during the winter months) in a large shed away from humidity and bad weather and maintenance is carried out to prevent the boats and their equipment from deteriorating.

– haulage
– launching
– hull washing
– storage
– handling in general
– engine loading and unloading
– winter laying up boats
– winter laying up users of boats
– winter laying up in general
– dismasting and re-masting boats
– work on masts with a telescopic crane with a basket for operator


Cantieri Navali Caorle has large areas for laying up to accommodate the various boats. They are usually placed on special cradles to allow faster handling or on traditional “keel blockers” for larger boats.

The operative-technical staff do everything necessary in a perfectly organised and tested system for the correct maintenance of the boats laid up with the utmost care and attention: washes for hulls and engines, specific washes with suitable products depending on the parts concerned, dehumidifier positioning, tank cleaning, covers, special treatments for wood and engines and more.